Career Opportunities at Precision Spine Care

Career Opportunities
at Precision Spine Care

Precision Spine Care is a spine and pain management clinic of excellence that treats patients from across North and East Texas, including locations in Dallas, Tyler, Longview, Lufkin, Texarkana and Nacogdoches.

Putting patients first, every case is addressed as an opportunity to bring the highest standard of care and as part of the team you are supported to advance in one of the most innovative spine centers in the nation.

Working with Precision is an opportunity to join an innovative team of elite leaders, clinical staff, and doctors committed to innovation and professional growth and development. Contact us to learn more today!

Awesome team and fun environment

“When i took over the role of Supervisor the lab was in a rough spot. Management and staff has really come together quite nice to give me the tools and support I needed to get the lab back running smoothly. I appreciate all the guidance and can’t brag enough about the team down in the lab. They are a group of go getters and are very knowledgeable about their jobs. I enjoy my job and am looking forward to all the upcoming growth that is expected.”

Current Laboratory Supervisor
Tyler, TX – June 9, 2021

Great place to work

“Precision Spine Care has great employees and great doctors who care about the patients. I enjoy coming to work. The days are busy but bring a sense of pride and fulfillment helping those with pain.”

Current Employee
Tyler, TX – May 3, 2021

Productive and fun place to work

“I have learned a tremendous amount about medical in my 5 years at PSC. Having no prior medical experience, they invested in me and provided adequate training. The culture is productive and our work gets done effectively and accurately, but in a positive and fun atmosphere. Requesting time off is easy, and I am able to take care of my personal/family appointments during the day if needed.”

Current Billing Office Manager Tyler, TX – April 27, 2021