Bone Density Study

What Is Bone Density Study?

A Bone Density Study measures the calcium content (density) of your bones. This study is a safe, painless and quick test that can measure bone strength and predict your risk of fracture before you develop osteoporosis. This makes it possibility for effective preventive therapy to be started. Bone density tests are also to determine whether your medications are successfully slowing down bone loss.

How Is Bone Density Study Performed?

For the exam, you will lie still or sit on a padded table with a scanner arm above you. The arm scans two or more areas, usually the hip and lower spine. Occasionally, an additional vertebral fracture assessment will be performed of your mid and lower spine to determine if there are compression fractures.

This simple and painless test takes 15 minutes (allow more time for check in and potential follow-up) and has minimal X-ray exposure.


Prior to the exam, let Dr. Gordon or the technician know if any of the following circumstances apply to you:

  • Currently pregnantDr. Gordon Bone Density Exam
  • Any nuclear medicine scan or barium enema within 1 week of scheduled appointment
  • Over the age of 70
  • Any metal in the part of your body being imaged, such as spinal fusion rods or hip replacement.
  • A severely curved spine, have had spinal surgery, or cannot lie on your back.

Place Of Procedure

Trinity Mother Frances Hospital – 800 E. Dawson

East Texas Medical Center Hospital – 1000 S Beckham

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