Dr. Andy Redmond contributes to minimally invasive clinical trail

Precision Spine Care's Dr. Andy Redmond, a Board Certified Neurological Surgeon, recently completed a clinical trail with colleagues within the healthcare industry to test the results of a new minimally invasive surgical approach. This new surgery focuses on dysfunction within the sacroiliac joint, commonly referred to the SI Joint. The SI Joint, located at the top of the pelvis where the spine connects to the wing-shaped area of the pelvis, can become damaged, leading to pain and discomfort often referred to SI joint dysfunction.

The clinical trial study tested “long-term safety and effectiveness of minimally invasive sacroiliac joint fusion” using triangular titanium implants. The study spans 5 years and found that “satisfaction rates were high and the proportion of subjects taking opioids decreased from 77% at baseline to 41% at 5-year follow-up” after the minimally invasive surgery. To read more about these findings, please see: Long-Term Prospective Clinical And Radiographic Outcomes After Minimally Invasive Lateral Transiliac Sacroiliac Joint Fusion Using Triangular Titanium Implants.

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