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As a community service, Precision Spine Care mails a free 36-page Home Remedy Book to residents of Tyler and the surrounding East Texas area. This booklet includes important information about back pain, understanding pain symptoms, and exercises you can do at home to alleviate pain and strengthen your back.

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When should you see a spine specialist?

Loss of control of bowel or bladder?

This is a SERIOUS emergency symptom (cauda equina) that needs to be treated immediately by a spine surgeon within 24 hours. If you experience these symptoms at night or on the weekend, go to the emergency room. If not treated quickly, the person may lose control over their bowel and bladder permanently.

Call our office at (903) 592-6000 or go to the emergency room.

Numbness, tingling or difficulty moving an arm or leg?

Numbness or weakness in the leg or foot, or arm or hand, is a SERIOUS disc-related symptom that is NOT appropriate for watchful waiting. Left untreated, the symptom can become permanent. You should see a spine specialist within 2 days.

If pain, weakness or numbness extends into the foot so that you are unable to lift your toe as you walk, this could lead to permanent weakness in the foot called Foot Drop if not address quickly.

Call our office at (903) 592-6000 to make an appointment.

Fever, drowsiness, severe headache, nausea, vomiting or unusual sensitivity to light

Other symptoms may be unrelated to a back or neck problem, like cervical meningitis or kidney infection. These can be serious. You should consult a physician immediately.

Call our office at (903) 592-6000 to make an appointment.

Severe trauma, fall or car accident?

Any time you fall, are in a car accident, or could have fractured a bone in your back, you should see a spine specialist immediately!

Call our office at (903) 592-6000 to make an appointment.

Pain after lifting or after aggressive exercise or sports activity?

Lifting or sports activities can strain muscles, ligaments & tendons, causing painful spasms. Extreme pain can require a spine specialist. Home remedies include anti-inflammatories like Advil/Nuprin, rest, ice and some simple stretching exercises. However, if symptoms don’t improve over 3 days, you need to be assessed by a spine specialist.

Call our office at (903) 592-6000 to make an appointment.

Pain that radiates into an arm or leg?

Pain that radiates into an arm below the elbow can imply a herniated disc in the neck, while pain that radiates into a leg below the knee can imply a herniated disc in the low back. Many times radiating pain can be treated non-surgically. To be safe, radiating pain should be seen by a spine specialist within 2 days.

Call our office at (903) 592-6000 to make an appointment.

DISCLAIMER: Those who self diagnose and self treat themselves do so at their own risk. We accept no responsibility for any problems that may result from the use or misuse of educational information intended to be helpful guidance.

Spine Center Network

The Network of Spine Centers of Excellence

Precision Spine Care is one of only two spine centers in Texas to be included in a national listing of spine centers of excellence by To be included, a spine center must meet credentialing criteria that relates to having a multi-disciplinary team of non-surgeons, spine surgeons and spine therapists working together with an emphasis on non-surgical treatment options; minimally invasive spine surgery; patient education; and home remedies for back and neck pain.