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Dr. Charles R. Gordon and Dr. Aaron K. Calodney selected to the 2016 Texas Super Doctors® list

Congratulations to Dr. Charles R. Gordon and Aaron K. Calodney for being selected to the 2016 Texas Super Doctors® list. This is the result of an extremely thorough nomination process conducted by the national research division of MSP Communications in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The process included independent research, peer nominations, and a Blue Ribbon Panel to review all nominations. Dr. Gordon and Dr. Calodney were part of a select group, approximately five percent of all Texas physicians, of medical professionals to be included in the 2016 Texas Super Doctors® list.

The Medtronic Product Surveillance Registry Team (PSR) recognizes Precision Spine Care

In January 2017 the PSR Study team recognized Precision Spine Care for their ongoing contributions as high performers to the PSR. Precision Spine Care has contributed enrollments and maintained quality data metrics that meet target compliance goals of 80% or greater. In addition, Precision Spine Care has been in the PSR (legacy ISPR) generating long-term follow-up data for over 5 years.

Dr. Redmond contributes to impressive new research

Dr Redmond, neurosurgeon, precision spine care

In a new medical research study published by Dove Medical Press on July 13, 2016, Dr. Andy Redmond of Precision Spine Care in Tyler, Texas and other renowned medical professionals aimed to determine the patient outcomes of Sacroiliac joint fusion (SIJF) three or more years after surgery. The research showed that in "intermediate- to long-term follow-up, minimally invasive transiliac SIJF was associated with improved pain, low disability scores, and improved ability to perform activities of daily living."

To view the results of the research, click here.
Or, download the PDF.

Dr. Redmond: Surgeon of the Year

Dr Redmond, neurosurgeon, precision spine care

For the second consecutive year, Dr. Redmond has been selected as the 2016 Surgeon of the Year by the students at Tyler Junior College. The students have an opportunity to vote at the end of the year for the most outstanding surgeon. The students voted on Dr. Redmond because he was so kind, patient and willing to take time to teach them about the various surgical procedures he currently uses. He was selected for the award in 2015 also. Congrats Dr. Redmond.


On June 6, 2016, Precision's Longview Clinic moved to 5016 Gilmer Road, Longview, TX, map below shows driving locations.

This location is approximately 4 miles North of our former Longview location. Take Gilmer Road North toward Gilmer, through the Spring Hill area. Once you pass George Richey Road, the facility will be approximately 1/2 mile further on the right hand side of the road.

If you have any questions, our phone number will remain the same 903-653-1823

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No matter where it hurts or why it hurts, there’s no reason to suffer any more than necessary. All it takes is a phone call. The medical professionals at Precision Spine Care will get you in fast. Get the relief you need by calling Precision Spine Care. Phone: 903 363-1590

Tyler physician named new president of national pain management organization

Dr Aaron Calodney, president of American society of Interventional pain physicians

TYLER, TX - The American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP) installed Aaron K. Calodney, MD as its new president at the society’s 18th Annual Meeting in Dallas. The location was especially fitting since Dr. Calodney practices interventional pain management in Tyler, Texas and received much of his training in the Lone Star State. He succeeds Peter S. Staats, MD of New Jersey whose term as ASIPP president ended. Read the complete release, please click here.



Dr Andy Redmond, surgeon of the year

Dr. Andy Redmond was voted the 2015 Surgeon of the Year by the Certified Surgical Technologists in TJC's Surgical Technology program!

During Tyler Junior College's Surgical Technology program, students do clinical rotations through three hospitals in Tyler throughout the year. At the end of the program, students vote on the physician they enjoyed working with best. We are proud to announce that Dr. Andy Redmond received the award this year. We are honored to have such a great doctor on our team!




Dr Aaron Calodney, pain management physicianPrecision Spine Care physician, Dr. Calodney, was recently named President-Elect of the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians

Dr. Aaron Calodney, was recently named as President-Elect of the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians in 2015. To be elected to the Board of Directors is a great honor, and Dr. Calodney deserves the position. He is a great leader in this industry and we are very pleased to have him as part of our team at Precision Spine Care. Congratulations, Dr. Calodney!




Dr Charles Gordan, Beckers ASC physician industry leader to know 2015One of our neurosurgeons, Dr. Gordon, was recently named as one of the ASC Industry Physician Leaders to Know in 2015.

Charley Gordon, MD, is a partner with Precision Spine Care in Tyler. He is a neurosurgeon with a special interest in minimally invasive spine surgery. In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Gordon is an advocate for spine research. He is one of the founders of Texas Spine and Joint Hospital. Dr. Gordon earned his medical degree at Baylor College of Medicine and completed a fellowship at Medical College of Virginia.



Three groups merge into a regional spine and pain Center of Excellence

On January 1, 2014 three specialty groups — Precision Spine Care, Dr. Jonathan Blau and Texas Pain — combined their resources to create a regional center of excellence for spine care and pain management under the name Precision Spine Care.

The merger combines the expertise of three fellowship-trained pain specialists within Texas Pain; physical medicine specialist Jonathan Blau, MD; along with three spine-specialized neurosurgeons and a second physical medicine specialist to create a fully comprehensive spine and pain center for the East Texas region in 2014.

With the merger, effective January 1, 2014, Precision Spine Care now includes a multidisciplinary team with two physical medicine and rehabilitation (PMR) physicians who specialize in the nonsurgical management of back and neck pain; three fellowship-trained pain medicine physicians; and three neurospine surgeons.

The merger enables the group practice to integrate more services for the convenience of the patient including diagnostics, an internal pharmacy, lab services and therapy — all under one roof — so the patient no longer has to drive around town to multiple locations for care, prescriptions, lab tests and therapy.

“Our group decided that to improve the care of spine and pain problems, we needed a team approach that emphasizes non-surgical treatment options before spine surgery,” emphasizes Dr. Charles Gordon. “By having a team of complementary specialists we improve coordination of care among a team of specialists working together for a patient.”

The merger enables the group to position itself as the regional destination for spine and pain across East Texas and Northern Louisiana, explains Dr. Aaron Calodney, pain specialist. “Health care reform presents a huge burden for specialists,” explains Dr. Calodney. “By merging our three complementary practices, we can speed the integration of electronic medical records which tightens the communication about a patient’s case.”

By combining spine and pain specialists, Precision Spine Care now meets the credentialing criteria to be included in SpineCenterNetwork.com — the only national listing of credentialed spine centers. This accolade makes Precision Spine Care one of only two spine centers in the State of Texas to meet the credentialing criteria of having board-certified spine surgeons; physical medicine physicians; spine therapists; an emphasis on non-surgical capabilities; and report clinical outcomes.

“Our three specialty groups have always worked together on patient cases” adds Dr. Jonathan Blau, physical medicine specialist who provides care of back and neck pain, including spinal injections. “This merger helps us improve patient care and achieve efficiencies and economies of scale. We will also be able to improve feedback to the primary care physicians who refer us patients from across East Texas.”

The merger will also improve communication with payors. “In 2014, Precision Spine Care will track clinical outcomes, from use of pills, patient satisfaction, and return to function with the goal of publishing a clinical outcome report card for employers and health insurance plans,” adds Dr. Gordon. “We have already begun incorporating nonsurgical treatment options and prescribing home exercise programs. This along with the capabilities of internal diagnostics and injection therapy, as well as a new internal pharmacy and lab, really presents some exciting advances for 2014.”

Patients needing prescriptions and refills for for their pain medication will also benefit from a new internal lab at Precision Spine Care that can perform the necessary urinalysis screens required by state authorities for pain medications before refills can be prescribed. This lab technology speeds the time involved to refilling a patient’s prescription.

What makes Precision Spine Care different from other spine centers is its nonsurgical approach to back and neck problems. For instance, many practices that are limited to spine surgeons are naturally biased toward the use of spine surgery. At Precision Spine Care, however, there are two physical medicine MDs who specialize in finding nonsurgical treatment options for many patients.

Under one roof Precision Spine Care has the ability to perform X-rays, MRI, injection therapy, and EMGs. Because we provide all the necessary diagnostic testing and treatment in one place, we eliminate the need for multiple referrals, delayed care and overall confusion.

Precision Spine Care is the only spine center in East Texas to be included in Spine Center Network, an exclusive national listing of credentialed spine centers of excellence. Click here to learn more.


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